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Ruth Miller

I believe art should elicit an emotion from the audience.   I have found that my work elicits a feeling of joy, happiness, fun,.......a freeing of the spirit from the mundane and sadness people may experience in their world.   I have seen smiles appear on faces of all ages as they see my art for the first time.   Another natural reaction is the need to physically touch the work.   Color is my world and I dive into it every day  hoping my new creation keeps people smiling and feeling the good vibrations emitting from it.


When I create a painting, I start with a basic design then I create as I go.   I never have an end product in mind.  My art may look similar, but it is never the same.


I began painting when I was working as an elementary principal as a way to release the creativity breaking loose inside myself.   Over the years I have painted all size and shapes of chairs, tables, canvases, boxes, wood sculptures,  musical instruments...whatever I find interesting.


Awards:  Spiva Membership Show- 2013 2nd place in 3D,   Small Works Show-2015, Best in Show 3D,  Springfield, Missouri Walnut Street Arts Festival--2013 2nd Place in 3D, Parsons Art Walk--2007, 1st place in 3D. 

Ruth Miller
miller art
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