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Jim Miller

Upon retiring from a career in production, project management, and engineering, I knew that just stopping work at retirement would not be for me. I enjoy working with my hands to create something. Since my father and both grandfathers had been into woodworking, it seems to be in my genes as well. Over the years with minimal tools available, I built some furniture for us and others. In 2017, I started putting together my dream woodworking shop to play in while my wife spent time in her glass studio. I create flat work as well as turnings. Most of the wood I use comes from fallen or dead trees on our property along Shoal Creek outside Joplin, Missouri.

I enjoy wood turning because it allows me to be more creative as sycamore, walnut, hackberry, cherry, and oak behave differently. I may start off with one design and end up with something completely different. That’s fun for me and relatively stress free since I do not have a rigid design that I need to adhere to. Surprisingly, I find that other people like my work! Now, I am looking for an avenue to get my woodturning out there so it doesn’t wind up on the burn pile.

My wife Dianne, a glass artist, has kindly “allowed” me to be part of her business, Walnut Springs ArtBarn. I look forward to that particular challenge and the adventure of being a member of ArtForms Gallery!



Jim Miller

Jim Miller

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