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Kristin Girard

I make one of a kind jewelry from repurposed and upcycled elements using a wide variety of techniques.  My jewelry combines the ordinary and unexpected to make unique pieces of art that the owner can enjoy for years to come.


Before I became a mother, I studied biology, microbiology, and chemistry and worked in a number of laboratories.  After taking a few years to stay at home with my children, I started experimenting with various jewelry techniques and unconventional materials.  All the different tools and mediums made me feel like I was back in the lab again.  Thus the name Kristin's Laboratory.  


While not crossing the line of being a hoarder, my mother never threw out anything that she found lovely or possibly useful.  These things could be as diverse as used wrapping paper to special little jars that jelly came in.  It was her influence that caused me to look at the world around me with a different lens.  Because I see beauty in the mundane, I want to elevate the ordinary into art that can be a part of a person's daily life.


Kristin Girard

Kristin Girard

Photo of the Artist

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