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Devynn Mae (Pitts)

I am an artist + illustrator based in Pittsburg, Kansas, who specializes in blending digital and traditional painting. During my undergraduate at Pittsburg State University, I initially entered as graphic design student but quickly found a love for illustration, art history, and digital painting.


My current work draws inspiration from a blend of traditional American folk art motifs and contemporary design. I experiment with vibrant colors, patterns, and textures to create compositions where decorative elements and subjects flow together, emphasizing space and movement.

As a female artist, I am inspired by the legacy of American folk artisans—particularly women who created functional and narrative art due to exclusion from professional art spaces. I try to reinterpret these designs into a more contemporary style while embracing feminine expression. Incorporating doodles like loops, stars, and foliage to fill the space allows for a handmade, stylized aesthetic to come through in my digital work. I aim for my work to feel intentionally playful, carefree, and feminine, while maintaining boldness and excitement.

My creative process involves various mediums, including digital media, gouache paint, and inks, particularly in creating stylized portraits and illustrations. Color, being one of the most important tools in my work, is where I start. I often begin with a preliminary sketch to map out colors and values using gouache paint—for its vibrant range and ease of use. Subsequently, I digitally recreate the painting, adding texture and stippling for depth and visual interest.

Find more of my work on my website at


Or on Instagram and Facebook at @devynnmaeillustration

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