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Sarah Prince

I grew up in small town, Prescott, KS around many artistic people who lived in my community. I had daily interactions with people who painted, played piano, made pottery, baking, knitting, photography, scrapbooking, etc.  My father played guitar and sang in a band for many years.  He was an excellent wood carver and always had some kind of artistic project going on. I soaked it all in. 


I moved to Pittsburg, KS to attend the university. I met my husband, Dusty, and we have 2 sons, Sam and Garrett. As an adult, I give piano lessons, owned and operated a catering business, and taught elementary school for 16 years. 


In June 2020, my oldest son left for the Army and I had a lot more spare time. I took a stained glass class from Dianne Miller at the ArtForms Gallery and found something that filled my soul with happiness. I bought my start up tools and materials at an auction and the rest is history.


I enjoy making stained glass artwork because I love seeing the finished panel or suncatcher. I relish how the light shines through and how it explodes with color. I love the wonder I feel, having created something so beautiful. 


The actual selection of the project, planning the colors, selecting the glass, cutting, grinding, fitting, foiling, soldering, cleaning, and finishing the items is a means of relaxation to me. Working with stained glass is all about the light. The colors and intensity of the glass changes throughout the day. There is so much that can be made and so many designs to draw or choose from, as well as all the different variations of glass to explore. I always look forward to my next project and have 100's of ideas in my head of what I want to make next. It is the perfect creative outlet.

Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince

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