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Phil Dellasega

I’m a Pittsburg native, and I’ve been involved in art and design all my life. I’ve created designs for screen printing, commercial embroidery: I was a corporate graphic designer for 30 years. I’ve explored many different media, and dabbled in abstracts and other subject matter.


But mostly, I love faces.


I’ve done portraits and figurative work in watercolors and oils, but my true love is airbrushed acrylics combined with colored pencils. This technique lends itself to an somewhat illustrative style, which I always seem return to, no matter what else I try. I’ve spent the last two years working to become proficient. I find much of my inspiration from great movie poster artists, from Bob Peak to Richard Amsel and Drew Struzan, while attempting to incorporate a classical portrait look. In that vein, one of my great pleasures is working on an ongoing series of classic movie star color portraits drawn from old black and white photos. It’s an attempt to create modern images of an older, more glamorous era. I also enjoy painting musicians, especially street musicians. Commissioned work is also available and highly desirable.


I’m selling originals as well as matted prints in two different sizes in the gallery. If you like my work, there’s an affordable version for any budget. You can view more of my work at the following sites:


Website: Phil Dellasega Artworks


Phil Dellasega

Phil Dellasega

Photo of the Artist

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