Janet Lewis

I currently teach in the Pittsburg State University Department of Art, of which I am an alum. Prior to teaching at PSU, I spent just over a decade working at the Pittsburg Public Library. Since 2009 I've had my own home-based studio business, Janet Lewis Designs, but if you don't recognize me, maybe you recognize my artwork from the Library.


In 2010, I created a series of fourteen sculptures entitled "The Legacy Series" made of metal salvaged from the Library's roof. As payment for my work, I received an additional quantity of the material that I used to develop a jewelry line.


Featuring the same "Legacy Copper" as the sculptures, it has been sold locally for the past five years. I've also made several commissioned pieces from the material including custom jewelry, Christmas ornaments, framed wall hangings, and small sculpture. I give 10% of profits from the sale of any Legacy Copper work back to the Library.


While I've enjoyed the opportunities that came out of the Legacy Series project and related work, I feel it represents only one facet of me as an artist. I am looking forward to utilizing ArtForms Gallery as a venue for exhibiting and selling some new designs as I explore the next direction for my work.


Email: janetlewisdesigns@gmail.com


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