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Dianne Miller

I hijacked my husband’s glass tools, glass, and other supplies years ago, and I’m not sorry! Beginning with stained glass, the glass-cutting both challenged and frustrated me as I learned the art. Eventually, the glass-cutter and I agreed to work in harmony. I discovered that I enjoyed the solitude found in copper foiling a project as it afforded me quiet time to contemplate the vagaries of life. Soldering was another challenge until I bought a decent soldering iron. I was on my way to many years of creating suncatchers, window panels, and lamps.

Wanting to create 3-D glass art, I embarked on another learning curve. As a retired high school English teacher, I believe in being a lifelong learner so I jumped in. Books by acclaimed glass fusers, online tutorials, and some in-person workshops were priceless in my new found love. Then came the happy problem: What to do with everything that I have created? I could only gift so much to my family and friends before they cringed at holidays when they unwrapped a package from me. That is when I began the jurying process for local art shows. Now, I am a proud member of ArtForms Gallery. I love offering workshops in both fused glass and stained glass at the Gallery. What can I say? Taking cold, flat glass and transforming it into a warm, vibrant art piece is exhilarating! 



Dianne Miller

Dianne Miller

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