Rebecca Lomshek

We are surrounded!  They are in our homes, cars and they wake us up in the morning.  Numbers are with us at every turn, explaining why things are the way they are.  Love or hate, numbers are with us to use as a tool to understand and improve our lives.  


My current focus in art is the visual nature of mathematics and numbers.  In general, we use a number system that utilizes a base of ten for day to day living.  In the background of our computer use is a number system of base two - the binary system.  It is fascinating that the fastest thinking objects we have uses a series of ones and zeros to access not just numbers, but words and symbols.  About a year ago I started playing around with binary numbers and what they look like.  The challenge for me was how could I use the binary system as a tool to create a two-dimensional artwork that looked interesting and had meaning beyond what it looks like.


As with many things, a little bit of conflict can push your ideas.  I wanted to make a birthday gift for my father that had math content utilizing binary numbers.  The actual birth date became the gift translated into binary code as a series of cells in which occupied one of two colors.  Each of the colors was assigned a value of zero or one and the paint by number binary code began!


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