Teresa Shouse

A gourd artist from Pittsburg, KS  -  how this started out for me was simply given a handful of gourd seeds from my mother’s friend. My mother talked me into planting these seeds. I was not thrilled about having to deal with the watering and weeding but I did it anyway. My enthusiasm changed when I saw my first bloom. I began to see how they started growing into unique shapes and sizes that it became quite entertaining. It had me obsessed! My first year’s crops were so-so. I wanted to grow them again and do better.  I researched on how to take the seeds from a gourd and to enhance the growing process.  After a few years of trial and error, I boosted that knowledge and accumulated a nice collection of homegrown gourds.


I was so content with growing gourds that I never considered crafting them myself. Too shy to the fact that the only art class experience I ever had was during my senior year in high school. I started out basic painting birdhouses and bowls. Then I discovered what people were doing with gourds, my head started spinning. I told myself “I got this”. The internet inspired me with endless possibilities and guidance. I attended craft shows, experimented with different techniques and learned how to use manly tools. In no time at all, I was doing my own stuff.

The gourds I created all came from the gourds I grew myself; made into birdhouses, bird feeders, bowls and holiday crafts. Some I cut/carved given a battery operated tea light candle to show off glow. I used all types of paints, stains and dyes. My favorite was using the combination of carved/wood burned techniques. I have not yet developed a specialty; just loved doing the variety. I enjoyed exploring different ideas and challenging myself to create each gourd in its own unique way. No matter what, each gourd that I created have always reminded me of how my mother encouraged me.She probably knew something I didn’t.


I am excited to be have been invited to contribute to the Art Forms Gallery.  You will see my work there. You can also view my gourds on Facebook:  Gourds by Teresa

Ways to contact me:

Phone:  620-687-2608

Email:  t.shouse@hotmail.com

Teresa Shouse

Teresa Shouse

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