Jordaine Pollard

I’m a long-time creator forever hesitant to call myself an artist.

I was born in Hutchinson Kansas, raised on country roads in tiny towns between here and there, until my mother settled us in Pittsburg my 5th grade year. Uniquely odd and perfectly misplaced, the first year was rough, but the arts soon came to my aide under Mr. Wheeler in middle school. It was a great tool for expressing as I began to grow and looked for my place in the world.

I lovingly refer to myself as an ADHD crafter with 20 different hobbies. This plus an “I bet I can make that” type of attitude has, and continues to, take me through many creations for countless reasons. I enjoy sketching, love the tactile results of sculpting and mixed media, occasionally undertake magic soap making, and can often been found constructing costumes.

Through the last 10 years, a consistent medium has been dye work. Focusing on clothing, I’ve been fortunate enough to be commissioned for group projects, host workshops, and create larger pieces as well. It’s a medium that constantly surprises me; somehow both ridged and forgiving with technique, and seemingly limitless on the possibilities. Mixing and blending through layers of chromatic harmony, the ability to leave your mark (quite literally) in waves, ripples, and spirals on a previously blank page is far too tempting.

I look forward to exploring, pushing the limits of my skills and expanding on tying and applying techniques. I love creating niche dyes for unique fandoms and would likewise love to hear about concepts people may be interested to see translated in dye. I’m a mother, a student, a wife, an explorer, a helper, a home cook, a live music lover, flowers in my hair kind of girl, and I lead an amazingly interesting life. As I build this body of work, I hope to share love of color, an upcycling mindset, and those forever reaching hopes for more.

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Jordaine Pollard

Jordaine Pollard

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