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Kathy Mustain

   Full-time nurse, wife, mother of 3 adult sons and a grandmother.  I have worked for St. John’s/Mercy—Joplin, since 1986. (Do the math!) I am a former adjunct nursing clinical instructor for NEO A&M.

   My interest with anatomy and physiology feeds into awe with the beautiful care my Creator puts into nature …. from the cellular level to the vastness of the universe.

   I’m currently playing with several different mediums.  I’ve been doing stained glass, both 2D and 3D creations, as well as applying the copper foil techniques with jewelry creations. Playing with copper has led me to some applications of copper combining wood and stained glass furnishings.

   The wood I use comes from trees on the family farm. I love the look of live-edge wood. Somehow curiosity about wet felting piqued my interest a few years back, and I have grown to appreciate how it can be beautiful art as well as useful.  This has led to making felted bags, scarves, shoes, and a few journal covers.  I use natural colored wool as well as some dyed wool.  I have experimented with using alpaca fleece also.

   Recently, I have dug my paint brushes out of the closet and dusted off a few decades of dust. Watercolor, pencil, and ink, etc. are coming back too into this season of life.

Each season is a beautiful gift to be treasured and I am blessed.

Kathy Mustain

Kathy Mustain

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