Caroline Day

Artist Bio:

  Caroline Day is a textile design artist currently living and working in Pittsburg Kansas. She grew up in rural southeast Kansas and learned several traditional textile crafts such as sewing, quilting, and embroidery from the women in her family. Caroline attended the University of Kansas and graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2013.  While at university, Caroline blended her early knowledge of textile crafts with a fine art education, creating work informed by traditional methods and incorporating fine art processes.

Artist Statement:

  I am a textile artist because I love the physical experience of creating work out of fabric, particularly the layering color and texture. The tactile, malleable nature of textiles is endlessly inspiring to me. I love the delicacy of hand stitching with a needle and thread as well as the variable and unpredictable outcome of a hand-dyed piece. I love precision, but I am drawn to processes, such as hand dyeing, mono-printing, and felting, that contradict it and limit the amount of control I have over the development of a piece. Combining these less precise techniques with various printmaking, embroidery and quilting techniques, I imbue my work with a sense of balance between these opposing characteristics.

Caroline Day

Caroline Day

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