Kyle Carr

Hi! My name is Kyle Carr, I am a photographer located here in South East Kansas, specifically Pittsburg, KS. I am a student at Pittsburg State University Majoring in Digital Media and Minoring in Multicultural Studies.


I capture the beauty around me and in my life with my Nikon D3200 & Nikon Coolpix. I've always loved the art of photography since I was a child, playing around with my family’s Polaroid cameras, gradually moving my way up using my allowance money to purchase disposable cameras from Walmart. And then as a HS graduation gift, I received my very first DLSR camera.


My photographic interest is mainly focused on natural scenery and building/architecture as well as portrait photography. Another favorite of mine is something I refer to as "in the moment" photographs, this includes non-staged photos of people. This is when that moment they are in, is instantly captured; I only tend to do these during large public events such as festivals. I love to travel to get good photography work, I have taken photos in KS, MO, AK, FL, AZ, & PR.


I like to show my experiences that I go through in the world and the beauty that I see with my artistic eye. I love capturing the colors on the building, in the sky, and from the scenery around, and how the lighting can give photos such emotional impact. With my photography work, I like to show people how I am able to see the world around me, inspire others when they observe my work, to make them feel something.


So far photography has been a fun hobby to me, although this has begun to change and I have made myself open and available professionally to take photos, whether it‘d be headshots, senior portraits, family photos, real estate, brochures, and any other category. My information to see my work and contact info are listed below:

Instagram: @that_kwc

Facebook: KWC Images

Kyle Carr

Kyle Carr

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