Charles Ault

Hello, my name is Charles Ault. I am an artist specializing in small-scale metalwork and jewelry. I work primarily in silver and copper-based metals.

I have been creating metalwork for a little over two years. My first introduction to metalwork was in Pittsburg State University’s Jewelry I class in fall 2016. I continued to take metalworking classes until my graduation this past spring and I currently produce artwork regularly in my home studio.


My work can be broadly broken into two areas- jewelry and sculpture.

The jewelry I create often draws inspiration from historic techniques and aesthetics combined with more modern sensibilities. This is particularly the case in my rings, which draw inspiration heavily from European jewelry of the fist millennium AD. Although as I continue to grow and develop as an artist my pieces have become increasingly modern in style. My jewelry is often centered around symmetric technical production centered on rigid concepts and fine details.


My sculptural work is generally more abstract and expressive. I draw inspiration from all around me- from the fluid motion of a dancer or a river, from a falling lock of hair, or even from plant life. I am currently exploring anticlastic forms, but I am constantly working to expand and improve my body of work.

I anticipate that as I continue to practice and learn my pieces will grow in variety and refinement.

All my pieces are crafted entirely by hand by myself her in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Facebook: Yellow Hound Jewelry
Phone: 217-218-3435

Charles Ault

Charles Ault

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